Manuela Diener Optometry

With over 10 Years experience, Manuela Diener Optometry is a family and corporate orientated service, with your well being 100% in mind. Founded by Manuela Diener in 2005. With her love for all things African, she has dedicated her career to helping others and making them feel at home, at the same time. Feel free to contact us today for a holistic and professional approach to improving your vision.

Visual Screening

Visual Screening

This is a procedure that enables the optometrist to get an overview of a person’s visual system and spectacle status.

Comprehensive Eye Test

Comprehensive Eye Test

A full eye test is an in depth look at the visual system

Drivers and Skippers

Driver’s and Skipper’s

Driver’s letter and Skipper’s screening available at the practise.

Visual Thearapy

Visual Thearapy

Visual exercises are exercises that improve the visual system.

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Manu has been taking care of my eyes since 2004. She is patient and thorough during each visit. She takes the time to clearly explain everything, which I have never experienced with the many other optometrists I’ve visited before. Many of my family and friends also use her services. I feel really safe in Manu’s hands and would – and DO – recommend her to anyone!

Nidhi Nepaul

Manuela Dienar from Eye SA has been our accredited Optometrist supplier to our Driver's and office staff. She has also attended to our staff wellness days for the past 3 years. Manuela is professional and offers assistance and guidance beyond what is expected of her and her pricing is cost effective and service delivery is remarkable. We will continue utilizing her services.

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When my migraines first started it was infrequent but quite severe, with nausea and vomitting. However, for the past few years it was mostly just pain and occurred at least once a week, mostly on a weekend. I sought the advice of a neurologist, who only prescribed pain medication, which did relieve the pain. I also gave up eating certain foods however this made no difference. Last year my boss told me about craniosacral therapy and I decided to give it a try. After a few sessions with Manuela I found that my migraines became less frequent. There has also been an improvement with my eyes and I have since changed my lenses. The best part for me is that I now hardly get migraines. I can only recall having 1 migraine in the past 2 months! Cranio therapy has made such a difference to my life.