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Who We Are

I was born in Novara, Italy in 1978 and moved to South Africa in 1982. I grew up in Johannesburg where I received my education and matriculated in 1995. Shortly after that I left to backpack around Europe with a friend. While travelling, I found my calling, to help people and wanted to specialise in eye sight. When I got back I selected Optometry as my preferred field. I applied to the University of Rand Afrikaans (now called university of Johannesburg) and after two years I became part of the optometry faculty. In that year, I started working in the optical industry to start gaining some optical experience. In 2004 I graduated from Rand Afrikaans University while working at three practises in north western Gauteng. I overviewed Zeerust, Swartruggens and Koster. Once I graduated I was promoted to manage all three of these stores.

I transferred to Durban at the end of 2004, and in 2005 I opened my first mobile practise, which traded as Pure Vision Optometrists. In 2007 I enrolled for a course on eyesight and cranial sacral therapy. During this time I had a profound improvement on my intermittent squint that subsided due to this gentle technique. As a child I had been subjected to some of the more traditional squint therapies which included eye patching, cat fusion cards, pencil push ups and others. Although these exercises helped at the time I found that my intermittent squint returned after a year of not continuing with the exercises. With cranial sacral therapy, I found that my intermittent squint did not return. For this reason I decided to pursue the investigation of cranial sacral therapy and completed my diploma in 2009.I practise cranial sacral therapy on a few of my patients and found a significant improvement in their vision . My own patients were responding positively to this gentle technique formally referred to as quackery.

There are still many unanswered questions about the link between eye sight and cranial sacral therapy as well as the science behind how it works and it is for this reason that I am conducting case studies on the effects of cranial sacral therapy and nystagmus as well as the effects of cranial sacral therapy on keratoconus. During this process I am hoping to unlock some of these questions.

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